Life is always better with a dog

Toby the Dog

They say life is better with a dog. And if you’ve ever had a dog, you understand the truth in this statement. Dogs get dirty, cause trouble, give sloppy kisses and make messes, but they are always there. Whether they are sleeping at your feet, waiting for you to come home or sharing an adventure, dogs come armed with a special, unconditional love. They never fail to make the best of everything. We can learn a lot from our dog friends. I know I have.

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Welcome to the Swedish Stuga

Swedish Stuga Mt. Hood Oregon

Mike and I parked our rental car at the end of the long private road. Our car doors slammed, echoing through the valley. The sound of a small stream rushed, and we met the smell of dampened earth and tentative darkness. Something rustled in the leaf litter. We exchanged tired, apprehensive looks concealed by the night shadows. Our adventure in Oregon had already begun.

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What I’m listening to | Delta Spirit “From Now On”

During our trip to Oregon we spent a lot of time driving around. Filling the few gaps in excited conversation and shouted directions was Delta Spirit. Delta Spirit released their new album, Into the Wide, yesterday, and “From Now On” is their first single. From “Bushwick Blues” to “California,” their music is littered with locations of places that inspire them. “From Now On” oozes with their carefree, Californian spirit. Enjoy!

What I’m listening to | Alt-J “Every Other Freckle”

Alt-J recently shared the third single, “Every Other Freckle,” off the band’s new album, This Is All Yours. Alt-J is an English indie band formed in 2007. Alt-J refers to the keyboard sequence on a Mac; it produces the band’s symbol, the delta sign or ∆. You may have heard a few songs off their An Awesome Wave album. If not, that’s okay. Follow the annals of the internet, and I’m sure you’ll find it. Their unusual sounds stems from the fact that they recorded most of their music with Garage Band in the student halls during college.


30 things to do before 30

30 things to do before I turn 30

I have less than three years until I turn 30. (My 30th birthday is on June 5, 2017.) Jeeze. Where the heck did my twenties go? I feel like just yesterday I was traveling through Spain and celebrating my 21st birthday on Mallorca. Time just flies. I’ve already accomplished and attained a lot of things I’ve wanted in my life. But there’s always more out there to explore, dream and discover. No time like the present to accomplish all the things we continue to put off until tomorrow. (read more…)

Introvert or extrovert? Understand your personality

Understand your personality

When people use the word introvert, it often carries along a negative connotation. They confuse introverts with being shy or antisocial. But I don’t see that as being the case. While I once considered myself shy, I can no longer attach myself to the label. Plus, I would never say I’m antisocial. For most part, I enjoy being around people and making new friends. I just need to balance those experiences with my need to be alone and recharge.

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What I’m listening to | Benjamin Booker “Violent Shiver”

If you’ve not heard of Benjamin Booker yet, get ready for a blues explosion with “Violent Shiver.” Based in New Orleans, Booker is a bit of punky blues mixed with dirty rock n roll. Booker never intended to chase music. In fact, he went to school for journalism and attributes his success to dumb luck. Currently, he’s touring the U.S. with his guitar hero, Jack White, who hand-selected Booker to join him.

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