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My name is Colleen Hofmann. Here on my personal blog, I write about the many things I love. I examine the intersection of culture and technology, discuss digital marketing trends, document my travels around the world, seek the ultimate craft beer and share personal insights. Welcome friends!

I sometimes feel like they made internet just for oddballs like me with insatiable curiosities. Somewhere between my dad bringing home our first Mac and creating my first website using the legendary GeoCities, I fell in the love with the internet. I’d spend hours online – in chat rooms with friends, tweaking the CSS on my LiveJournal or learning about the latest digital trends. It always felt natural to me. I’ve been digital storytelling ever since.

I enjoy sharing my ideas, my goals and all the stuff I care about. I love having an output for my internet obsession and a means for self-expression. I am always thinking about how to make this magical space better. After all, the internet is one of the best places to contribute ideas and resources and, of course, make connections. You never know how connections will shape the future. So, please don’t be shy. Share your comments or thoughts. I promise I don’t bite.

Hungry for more? You can stalk me on the usual social media suspects: TwitterInstagram and for the professionally inclined, LinkedIn.