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Belgian beer…and cake?

February 19, 2013
Beers of Belgium

If all the water on Earth was replaced by beer, you wouldn’t hear any complaints from me. But if that beer was Belgian, there’s a good chance I’d be throwing a party. And guess what my drink of choice for that party would be? Hint: It’s not grape soda.

In case you haven’t noticed, I kind of have a thing for Belgian beer. I mean, there’s a reason why I visited Belgium last summer, and it wasn’t just for the waffles. Although, their waffles are tasty! So, how could I resist attending Max’s 9th Annual Belgian Beer Festival? After all, two years ago this was where my love for Belgian beers began! This time, I had my experiences in Belgium to tap into, including beer knowledge bestowed on me by my pal Marc, making it even better the second time around.

Max's Belgian Beer Festival


Located on the corner of cobblestoned South Broadway and Lancaster Streets in the middle of historic Fells Point, Max’s Taphouse hosts about 140 different draft beers at any given time. Have I mentioned the 1,200 bottled beers and the five hand-pumped cask ales? Well, they’re there if you get bored or need to deviate from the already massive draft selection.

It’s only fitting a bar boasting the largest beer selection in Maryland is the one to host an annual Belgian beer festival. From Friday, February 15 to Monday, February 18, there was a lot of delicious Belgian beer to be consumed. Come beer D-Day, the bar kicks it up a notch clearing room for over 200 different Belgian beers on draft and nearly 300 Belgian bottles. We can’t all visit Belgium, so Max’s brings the beer to us – from Gueze Tilquin to Malheur 12. Not only was there Belgian beer, but they offered a special Belgian menu to counter the high ABV brews. Mmm. I can taste the frites now.

I was completely impressed with Max’s this year. It didn’t feel nearly as packed as the last time I was there. And ordering complexly named Belgian beers was simplified by way of a written card. Plus, I was in the company of some of my closest friends. Know what’s better than all of that though? Someone gave us cake. Cake, I tell you. Just giving it away like it was nothing. Free cake.

If you missed this year’s celebration, next year is about to be Max’s tenth year hosting the Belgian beer festival. I’m sure big things are in the works. So, if you dig Belgian beer and live close to Baltimore, I recommend making the trip. No promises on whether they’ll offer you free cake, but there will be plenty of delicious Belgian beer. Santé!

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