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Getting around the Big Island of Hawaii

September 18, 2013
Hawaii Palm Trees

The best way to see Hawaii’s Big Island is to drive the island. Known for its diverse landscape, the Big Island can be challenging to explore without a car. Remember, there’s a reason they call it the Big Island. The quality of your trip is truly determined by how much of it you choose to set about discovering on your own. But you can probably say that for just about every trip, right?

If you’re looking to seek out your own adventures, renting an SUV or other four-wheel drive vehicle should be a no-brainer. A lot of the more interesting sites like Mauna Kea or the secluded beaches require four-wheel drive. When getting around the Big Island,  watch out for the cost of gas, and be ready to drive, a lot. The drive times between destination on the Big Island are longer than you expect since the “highway” system consists of narrow and winding macadam roads. In fact, there are really only two main roads on the island of Hawaii – the main highway circling the island called the Hawaii Belt Road and the road that links east to west called Saddle Road.

Check out this video I filmed on my iPhone during our descent off Highway 11 into the town of Milolii, where my parents and I stayed. Later, I texted the video to my brother Daniel, just like every other time I hear the Elton John’s “Daniel.” My parents and I were worn out after spending a long day exploring the island. You know that sweet spot of exhaustion where just about everything seems downright hilarious? I think this video captured that exact moment. Just please forgive my singing.

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