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How 90s fashions made a comeback

August 15, 2013
90s fashion acid wash jeans

The 1990s brought us a lot of good things – Nirvana, Seinfeld, Friends, Jurassic Park, Goosebumps, Lisa Frank and Super Soakers. Let’s also remember the same decade also brought us things like frosted tips, scrunchies and the mullet. But what about the fashions of the 90s? According to Google searches, 90s fashion trends are back. Hm. I  knew something was up after experiencing a barrage of belly buttons at the WXPN music festival last month!

Check out what Google found:

  • Searches for [crop tops] were more than 110% higher in July ‘13 than in July ‘12
  • Searches for [high waisted jeans] were more than 120% higher in July ‘13 than in July ‘12
  • Searches for [acid wash shorts] were more than 50% higher in July ‘13 than they were in July ‘12
  • Searches for [grunge clothing] were more 80% higher in July ‘13 than in July ‘12 and on the rise in August
  • Searches for [bucket hats] were more than 120% higher in July ‘13 than in July ‘12

What’s most fascinating about all this information is the people most interested in the 90s fashion trends grew up in the 90s. People like me. The digital natives. With viral posts on BuzzFeed about 90s nostalgia and quick buy-in from retailers like Urban OutfittersForever 21 and American Apparel, it’s easy to see how the internet quickly contributed to this fashion rebirth. The internet doesn’t sleep.

Gone are the days of relying solely on your marketing plans. Allowing your company the opportunity to be a bit spontaneous can pay off. When fast-moving companies – retail or not – act on trends as they happen, they receive a well-deserved leg up on their competition. From a marketing perspective, it’s interesting to watch these companies adapt and learn to use online marketing tools like video, social media as well as search and display ads. Even better is watching them realize the results and make more money.

Does the internet influence your sense of style? What 90s fashion trends should never see the light of day?

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