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December 6, 2013
Dinovember celebration

What are you up to this weekend? I know I really need a break from this week. It was downright terrible. Luckily, my holiday season is kicking into gear with a Santa crawl and some good friends. Everyone donates a toy to Toys for Tots, and we clamber on a rented school bus riding around Reading dressed up like Santas or reindeer in ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s fun way to get into the Christmas spirit while enjoying our own Christmas spirits. I’m also planning to get my tree this weekend! I can’t wait to decorate it and start wrapping presents. I hope your weekend is grand. Here are a few interesting reads I recently stumbled on. Enjoy!

Welcome to Dinovember. These parents are doing it right. I hope I’m half as cool as them.

How about the mid-season ending to Walking Dead? Crazy right? I know I shed some tears watching that one. Zombie culture is everywhere lately. Zombies have even found their way to impressionist paintings.

If you opened up your fridge right now, what would it say about you? Mine = a growler of Pig Iron Porter from Iron Hill, lots cheese, leftovers and lettuce.

Because is becoming a preposition because grammar. I’m still not sure how I feel about this.

Remember when I wrote about the dark-side of the internet? Well, looks like a bunch of computer scientists from Yahoo Labs discovered a way to number-crunch your preferences to recommend content from others with opposing views.

On Sunday night’s “60 Minutes,” Jeff Bezos of Amazon revealed its newest innovation: Amazon drones. Get ready for half-hour delivery of that new best-seller or Kindle Fire in George Jetson style sometime in 2020 (maybe?).

PNC puts together a list every year of what the 12 days of Christmas would cost you today. In 2014, it’s going to put you back $114, 651. Too many darn birds, if you ask me.

Medium has launched a new version of its publishing platform: Medium 1.0. Have you seen it yet? It’s beautiful.

While this is not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of, it’s up there. Partnering with Home Depot, Uber delivered Christmas trees to people in nine cities, including Philadelphia, on Thursday for $135. I guess laziness comes at a price.

(Photo from @RefeUp‘s post about Dinovember on Medium)

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