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Life lately: July

August 2, 2014

July was an exciting month full of travel and joy. Summer has been an exactly perfect balance of busy days and restful days. The older I get, the more I realize and understand how important this balance is for me. But it sure is flying by, isn’t it? Here are a few life highlights in the month of July:


In the grizzly morning hours on the Friday before the Fourth of July, my parents and I hit the road, making our way across Pennsylvania to Ohio. My youngest brother, Dan, is camped out at Kent State University for the summer for their REU program, focusing on his love of chemistry. Over drinks and fireworks, we became acquainted with Kent, Ohio and learned about the research projects Dan is working on this summer.


While we were in Kent, Ohio, they hosted their Heritage Festival. There was tons of food, live music and small craft tents set up everywhere.


We watched the fireworks on the patio at our hotel.


In between weekend trips, I decided to chop off about five inches of my hair. I’m really loving it. I can’t get over how much I love the way my curls form when I allow it to air dry.


Later in the month, I made a last-minute decision to drive down to Topsail Island, North Carolina to join my mom, my brother Kyle and my nephew for a few days in the house they were renting. There’s something magical about watching the ocean waves kiss the shoreline again and again. It never gets old. We practically had the beach to ourselves for most of the week. It felt like we were on our own private island!


There was a Supermoon on our first night at North Topsail Beach. I loved watching the waves dancing in the moonlight.


Jace was a little ham, as always. I loved watching him run after the seagulls and play in the water.



Doesn’t get more beautiful than this.


Random get-togethers with friends are always fun. Know what’s even more fun? Drinking cocktails on the Reading Phillies (excuse me, Fightin’ Phils) field with friends. We had a blast chatting, sipping drinks, watching baseball and checking out the post-game fireworks. Plus, I got to see my momma at the game for a bit.


More fireworks, of course!


The XPoNential Music Festival is always one of my favorite events of summer. What better way to spend the day listening to all different genres of new music and enjoying the views of the Philadelphia skyline.


Just Dad, me and my finger.



How’s your summer going so far?

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