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On celebrating one year of us

May 22, 2014
Mike and Colleen Thudium wedding

Today marks the first day I met Mike. In our world, it’s like our one year dating anniversary. We never really kept track of the day we officially starting dating though. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter much. For us, today is the perfect day as any to celebrate the genesis of our relationship.

To be honest, I never expected to be sitting here writing about my relationship and sharing it with the world. I’m not someone I’d classify as a romantic, but I guess being in love is being vulnerable. So, here goes nothing.

Mike and Colleen PeaceIf you are lucky enough to know Mike, you know he brings the utmost joy to some of the most ordinary moments. His sense of humor and silliness are probably one of my favorite things about him. Even during the most stressful days and serious moments, he reminds me my perspective is a choice. If you look hard enough, there is always a little joy to be found in your day.

Mike and Colleen Philadelphia UnionIt’s easy to say Mike has the biggest heart, because he does. He will do just about anything for the people he loves, and when he does it, it’s with his whole heart. With his soft heart comes a strong mind. His sage advice marks him wise beyond his years. His words nourish my soul, pacify my uncertainties and, above all, challenge me to be the truest version of myself.

He’s my chef, my counselor, my trusted fashion advisor, my comedian, my friend.

Mike and Colleen OCMDDon’t get me wrong. We are not a perfect couple. We argue and drive each other crazy sometimes. Every couple has their moments, right? When things get a bit hairy (or beardy!) in our relationship, I appreciate that we always remind each other to stop, breath and communicate. In the end, there’s no one else in the world I’d want to drive me crazy than Mike.

Thank you, Mike, for all the memories we’ve created together over the past year. Thank you for allowing me into your life, sharing special moments with your family and mine, arming me with a newfound love for Greek food and, most of all, thank you for making my heart so very happy.

Here’s to the future!

Lindsay Mike and Colleen OCMD Mike and Colleen Ocean City MD
Mike Colleen and Bill Stoudts Mike and Colleen Halloween Mike and Colleen Christmas Mike and Colleen Troegs

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  • Mandy

    so happy you’re happy 🙂 you two are great together! <3 congrats on 1 year!!

    • Aw, thanks Mandy! I think we’re both very happy to have found each other.