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Milolii Magic

September 24, 2013
Milolii scenic view

After a week on the Big Island, I had to get back to work. But my parents were lucky enough to hang back on the island for another week and enjoy the beautiful night skies you could reach out and touch. While I was behind a computer screen at work checking tasks off my to-do list, my parents made friends with the neighbors next door to the house we rented in Miloli’i.

Bill and Jamie Perry escaped the busy day-to-day of the main land nearly 30 years ago and moved off-the-grid to the Big Island. Here in Miloli’i they rent out two homes on the relaxing, south end of the island called “The Jewel” and “Cottage with a View.” All the homes in Miloli’i, including the Perrys’ homes, were constructed to be self-sufficient as common utilities weren’t available until 2005. Much like the house my family rented, “Sound of the Whale,” and many other houses on the Big Island, rain water collects in holding tanks and is heated by the sun. The house we rented used an ultra violet light to kill 99.9% of the bacteria. The Perrys use a filter system, but recommend grabbing bottled water to drink.

In addition to renting these two beautiful homes, the Perrys are artists. Bill handcrafts beautiful glass beaded earrings. In fact, my mom brought me back a pair, and I love them. Jamie captures photos of the Big Island published in newspapers and children’s books. One of my favorites, though, are their mosaics. You can find their artwork on display every Wednesday at the Ho’oulu Community Farmers Market in Kona.

My mom shared this photo of their outdoor solar-powered shower:

Milolii mosaic shower
If you’re headed to the Big Island and looking for a rental home, make sure you check out the Perrys’ website, Milolii Magic, and stay at one of their vacation rental homes.

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