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My most popular blog posts in 2013

December 28, 2013

As one year ends and another takes its place, what better way to reflect on the gems of the past year than by looking at its most moving and intriguing writings? I’ve assembled a list of the most read and shared articles published here on my own corner of the internet in 2013. From open letters to my travels in Hawaii, catch up on the year’s most popular reads. Enjoy, and thank you for joining me for another exciting year.

Happy 60th birthday Dad

1. An open letter to my dad on his 60th birthday
Who would’ve thought a very personal note to my dad on his 60th birthday would be the most popular post on my blog?

Power of Positive Thinking

2. The power of positive thinking through right speech
Intrigued by Buddhism’s connection with the suppression of ego and the encouragement of mindfulness, I explore the Noble Eightfold Path and the importance of positive thinking through right speech.

Lindsay and cake

3. Belgian beer…and cake?
It’s no secret that I love Belgian beer. One of my favorite Belgian beer festivals in held every year in Baltimore at a glorious taphouse called Max’s.

Words vs. actions

4. Do your actions contradict your words?
They say actions speak louder than words, but, you know, words are important too.

Zebra on the Big Island of Hawaii

5. Did I just see a zebra in Hawaii?
Believe it or not, I spotted a zebra while on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Sheryl Sandberg

6. How do the people around you impact your success?
Do the people you surround yourself with add value to your experiences? Their morals, choices and values reflect the person you are as well as your future self.

Kilauea sea arch

7. Three awe-worthy moments on the Big Island
After I traveled to Hawaii, I was fortunate enough to experience some out of this world amazing things that most people don’t get to see every day.

Lancaster PA apartment

8. Should you live alone?
Living on your owns has its ups and downs. Knowing I have a quiet space to come home to and plenty of alone time recharge can definitely be comforting sometimes.

Outer Banks NC in January

9. Here’s to the wonderful friendships in my life
How is it that people consider friendships an alternative or runner-up to romantic relationships? I am very thankful for all the wonderful people – family and friends – I have in my life who are always there for me.

Map of Hawaii

10. My Big Island must sees
Before I took my trip to Hawaii, I had a lot of expectations. I documented them here.

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