Should you live alone?

August 31, 2013
Lancaster PA apartment

It’s hard to believe I’ve lived on my own for almost two years in September.

Deciding to live alone was a no-brainer. I have a pretty active social life and spend most work days very engaged with my co-workers. Having my own space and freedom to do what I want is essential to maintaining my balance and minimizing my stress. Sure, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to living by yourself. But for me, it works. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process.

I found I build my energy and strength in being alone. Between meeting friends for cocktails and attending weekend get-togethers, life tends to get a little hectic. Knowing I have a quiet apartment to come home to and plenty of alone time to recharge is awfully comforting.

Living on my own has definitely increased my sense of independence. When my smoke alarm goes off randomly, there’s no one but me to figure it out. When I buy a new piece of furniture, guess who has to build it? I luckily have a great landlord who  is always quick to help if needed. But there’s a great confidence in knowing I can be completely self-reliant if I need to be.

Having limited responsibility is kind of liberating. After a long day at work, it’s great to come home and not worry about anyone’s needs but my own. Nobody to raise an eyebrow at me when I eat popcorn for dinner. An occasional pile of dishes in the sink? It’s my mess and my problem – no one else’s.

There are definitely times where I wish I could come home to an apartment with a roommate. After those long days at work, sometimes I just need to vent or laugh. And those things are much easier when you have someone who talks back. Plus, on the nights I fall asleep watching horror films, it would be nice not waking up every other hour to check that the door is still locked. Who knows? Maybe some day I’ll have a roommate, but right now I still enjoy living solo.

Do you prefer to live alone or with a roommate? Any good stories to share?


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