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The first snow of the season in Lancaster

December 9, 2013
Lancaster PA snow storm

Mike and I arranged a Christmas trade-off. If I helped him adorn the outside of his house with Christmas lights, he would help me pick out a Christmas tree. Of course, yesterday, the day we decided to put up the Christmas lights, was the same day we received nearly four inches of snow. If you happened to catch the Eagles vs. Lions game on Sunday, you know exactly what it looked like outside.

After the chaotic, Clark Griswold-esque lighting of the house was over, we thawed out inside with some lunch paired with Troegs Perpetual IPA. Once we were back to being warm and jolly, we decided to introduce Knubbs, Mike’s 10-month-old English Bulldog, to his very first winter snow. His hilarious reaction was one of my favorite parts about the day. And yes, Knubbs has his own Instagram account.

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