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Three awe worthy moments on the Big Island

September 10, 2013
Plumeria flower in Hawaii

After battling some killer jet lag post-Hawaii, I’ve finally caught up on my sleep enough to write about my trip. And just in case you weren’t following my instagrams and tweets, the Big Island of Hawaii was amazing. I was in awe of the stunning landscapes, vibrant flowers, fluffy clouds and the beach-bum worthy shores.

Believe it or not, I managed to see nearly everything on my must sees list. I guess when you’re on the go nearly every day, it’s easy to see how that’s possible. I’ll tell you one thing, my insomnia was nowhere to be seen when it came time to rest at night.

It’s a lot harder than imagined to pick three of my favorite things about my trip. There’s so much to gush over. For example, did you know they won’t give you a plastic bag to hold your purchase? Plastic bags are banned. You must provide your own, preferable reusable, bags. You see? Stuff like that just makes the island über cool in my book. But back to the beauteous landscapes. If I must decide, here are my favorite three awe worthy moments on the Big Island of Hawaii:

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Volcano National Park Lava in Hawaii

Freaking lava, people. Lava! Need I say more?

Green Sand Beach

Hike to Green Sand Beach in Hawaii

What a hike it was to get to this sucker. Just when you think you’re there, you realize you still have another mile and a half to go until you see the Green Sand Beach. The wind blowing in your face makes the trek seem longer than it actually was (only 4.5 miles both ways). The eroded rock and olivine flecked sands were definitely worth the hike. Wouldn’t you agree?

These goons

The Hofmanns travel to Hawaii

I feel so fortunate that I got to spend a whole week with my parents…in Hawaii. It’s one experience I know I will never forget. Did I mention these two lucky ducks are still there? I wonder what the chances are that they’ll actually get on the plane and come home.

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