Here's to the wonderful friendships in my life

With divorce rate miles high and women all over settling (or refusing to settle in some cases), I can't help but feel critical of today's couples-centric Hallmark holiday. I'm not trying to cut into romantic love and this is not some maddening single woman rant. In fact, I'm in a pretty good place right now with all that romantic stuff. But why on earth do people consider friendships an alternative or runner-up to romantic relationships? Friendship love is real love too, you know. Don't our friends deserve some recognition for putting up with our snarkiness and eccentrics? So, whatever the female equivalent to a bromance is, I'm celebrating it right now. When life gets tough, there are some wonderful women in my life who are always there for me. Ladies, thank you for putting up with my maniacal humor and being there with a smile on your face when I have tears on mine.

If I could, I'd put all the lovely ladies in my pocket so I'd have them with me every day. But I'm guessing I'd need bigger pockets. Skinny jeans aren't very accommodating. Here's a pretty photo collage of them instead:

  1. My best friend, Lindsay, is the one person I hope sticks around for life. You hear that? Don't ever leave me, Linds. Her positive attitude and fun-loving personality make being around her a blast. Plus, we've been friends since the 90's. You can't mess with over a decade of love.
  2. I can always count on having a great time when I'm with Cindy. She's incredibly smart, speaks her mind and has a laid-back attitude. This is probably why we get along so well. She's currently gallivanting across the globe, and I can't wait to hear about all the fun adventures she's having.
  3. There is no doubt in mind about how awesome Jess is. There are some women who deserve a medal for all the awesome they exude. She is one of those women. Between wrangling her nine-month and 21-month boys (both are sick right now!) and her wily husband, somehow she still has time to ask me how I'm doing.
  4. Alax is a creative spirit, full of brilliant ideas and always there when I need her. Even if it's just playing Fruit Ninja, drinking a glass of wine or going shopping, she's a great person to have in your life. Trust me.
  5. Jenny  is another brilliant and reliable friend. Not only do we share a birthday month, but we also share a lot of great memories together most of which involve us dancing to InnerPartySystem.
  6. Momma! Oh, I can't even put into words how much I love my momma.
  7. My aunties. They all have a special place in my heart.
  8. My cousins are more like my friends than they are my cousins. I don't know how it happened, but we're related and I still like them - a lot.
  9. Becky was probably one of the most inspiring women I knew. If I even become half the person she was, I will be happy.

To all the fabulous women I know, from co-workers to best friends, you help make me a better person, and I love you for it! Please don't stop being awesome.